Construction traffic just ahead, emergency vehicles on frontage and a great big sign saying “art museum” and “glass museum” all irresistibly point me in the direction of “get off here.” I head directly to the Tacoma art museum,  and am delighted to find a treasure trove of art and artifacts related to (Tacoma native) Dale Chihuly. Archival video showing early years and creative process amidst a room chock full of bequests by the artist. Some of my favorites among the Chichuly glass pieces are the Ikebana vases: “Stippled Blue and green with purple and cyan stems”, “Sunburst orange with blue and green stems” and “Gilded lavender with lapis stem and 2 leaves.” as well as the seaforms” opal gray and amber” and “pink and white” and “carmine and white flower sets.” on to the permanent collection “frozen dreams” necklace by Nancy Worden comprised of etched plexi “glass” lenses with etched plexi shoe heels as focal point. Also favored was Hadley and Maxwells 14 image composition illustrating the lyrics of “Silly love song” (Paul Mc Cartney.)  To me the ultimate favorite of the museum was the display of 110 11×16 sepia tone photos portraits of Northwest “natives.” from Chihuly’s private collection. There I sat, tears in eyes, soaking in their beauty, power, strength and wisdom, painfully aware of how white I really am.


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