One last night!

Friday I returned to Pike’s street market to grab some Seattle-snacks for the road (salmon jerky and crisp dried Fuji apples) bought eggs and headed out of lot before the “meter maid” (and got stuck in rush hour traffic.) Realizing I was nearly out of gas, I spied a VW bus owner to ask where the nearest station was (the Evil Garmin was telling me to go to the grocery store….) My comrade led me to a shell, just in time 🙂 Who says people aren’t kind? I returned to Tom and Denise’s  to hook up bug and hit the road. They were much wiser than I and suggested I stay one more night. We enjoyed the liberty of getting to know each other better (without it being a “school night” or an “event”) and we enjoyed great conversation, adult bevys and much merriment In the a.m. I had the pleasure of making  us brunch (with those beautiful herbs) and (finally) hit the road for Portland.

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