But wait, there’s more

On to the Tacoma glass museum (past the historic Union train station) and across the bridge of glass. Incredible quanitity of Chihuly glass! Once again, I didn’t have my camera (dangit) but took some photos with the phone. Arrived at the museum 1/2 hour before closing so I glossed over the live glass blowing feature and headed for the art. Preston Singletary “Killer whale” (Blown and sand carved glass in orange and black) traditional NW Indian design stands out as well as Laura de Santillana “Blue black partition” (an amazing wedge of glass with a cobalt base.) Patrick Martins political commentary “untitled” were glass flip flops with press image of  W. Bush on the sole (“mission accomplished” photo). In an example of art imitating life, Michael Rodgers :”Flight remembered” (glass dome covered with birds) made me giggle remembering the episode of “Portalndia” and spoof on Portland art (“put a bird on it”.) I just made it through the museum before closing and glad I didn’t miss the “collaboration” exhibit. Here, glass artists created glass creatures from children’s phantasmagorical creature drawings, delightful! From there we all got the “bum’s rush” as there was a wedding that had taken place and reception was to be held just outside the entry (beside Martin Blank’s reflecting pool installation “fluent steps.”) Lucky couple 🙂

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