Serenity ridge

Wrung out the campsite and backtracked to where the paths diverged marked by a small sign saying “brew ha ha.” A camp serving hot herb tea to the masses, a legacy begun by art car artist Marilyn Dreampeace (now deceased.) In one of the more inexplicable and awkward moments of my trek in the day before, I recognized her car, now driven by her husband, Shalom Compost (really.) We crossed paths at the car as I shlepped the cube downhill. I introduced myself but found him oddly aloof; the polar opposite to Marilyn’s natural warmth, kindness and effervescence. Distractedly he mentioned the camp, added that it was “sober” and continued his single focused mission to dry his raincoat on a hybrid (no easy task.) The interaction was awkward but it pointed me to Brew ha ha (where I recalled having tea 25 years earlier at my only other “big” gathering) and “Serenity ridge.”

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