Home at last.

Cold, wet and sorely in need of a hot cup of tea, I found Brew ha ha and to my surprise, the 1 person I remotely knew from the Seattle event out of 19,998 strangers. I was warmly welcomed by the dozen or so there and, after scoping out a flat spot on the ridge, I returned for my stuff. A sweet, strong and very capable (Angel) named “Vanish” appeared on the path as I struggled to combine the cube and the cart (thank God for bungies.) Out of kindness he offered to drag my stuff up the hill to the Ridge, over snow, logs and up to my flat site. Repeatedly I offered him a way out, to stop when he got tired he said “give me 30 yrs.” Oh to feel that tireless. In gratitude I gave him a pound of smoked salmon and couldn’t thank him enough.

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