Parade day- Seattle

Drizzle, cold, gray, nasty. Felt bad for the “sky and paint clad” bicyclists but cheered them on, huddled with fellow cartists, bundled up under eaves at Kirby Lindsay’s (yay and thank you Kirby.) I kicked myself mercilessly for having forgotten my camera in the rush but enjoyed seeing: anĀ  octopus (made of coffee cups) a giant segmented salmon, marching bands (of every variety) fat belly dancers, skinny belly dancers, drag queens, a giant beach ball (where kids and adults would run out and lay down under) a giant dung beatle (singing “here comes the sun”) and Snow queens (in white paper gowns, heads adornde with stag horns and roses.) Mostly I loved the fact that any and all are allowed to join the parade, that no “words/mottos/ rhetoric” (motors, or guns) are allowed, no “guns” and even a group playing “kick ball” with the crowd are embraced in the spirit of play.

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