June 30 arrival at “Rainbow gathering”

I jettisoned the bug and headed up to a National forest (Wa.,) to be joined by 19,999 others. I remotely knew 1 of them (from Seattle event) and perhaps 1 more. I was 1 of the earlier arrivals and only had to drag my stuff 2 miles from my roadside spot (using a rolling cube designed for linoleum) to the road in (where I’d left my “city shopping cart” full of camping gear.) Deciding it was best to pull the uncooperative cube while I could, HB and I walked 2 + miles in the spitting rain until the drizzle got harder. I found a dry spot under a low hanging bough for HB etc. & hustled back to get the tent. I hastily chose a spot for the night, higher than the path, beneath trees and above a rushing stream. It looked kinda lumpy and not exactly even, but light was fading, it was cold, and I had no time to waste. In the gloaming I set up my tiny tent, inflated sleeping pads, rigged a tarp (as best I could) and went to retrieve HB etc. I dragged the cube up the slope, across the snow (yes, snow) and made my shivering HB a dry bed in shopping cart. I took off my rain boots and climbed in the sleeping bag (clothes and all) and although early, I prepared to sleep….

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