How many minutes in a night?

Slick sleeping bag atop Slick pad atop another slick pad, on an uneven lumpy surface. But wait there’s more. Ongoing rain wicking off rigged tarp, into “waterproofed” tent. Dripping, dripping, dripping. Then shivering dog rattling dogtags outside tent. Poor dog. Now dog in tent (then bag.) Cold, wet, both of us in mummy bag sliding downhill. Puddles of rain in the tent. She growling as I disturb her to try in vain for comfort. Praying for sleep that only comes in minute increments. Relentless stream reminds me I have a bladder. I decide to begin a list of “gratitudes.” 1. No mosquito in tent. 2. No poison ivy. 3. friends loaned me thermal jacket and raincoat 4. HB has been recently bathed 5. neither of us has gas 6. I’m not 6’2. 7. the sun will rise at 4:30 8. I have amazing rainboots. 9. This is only temporary.

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2 Responses to How many minutes in a night?

  1. Marcy Ray says:


    This sounds awful…most of your trip sounds magical though. Are you on your way back to Orlando? I hope tonight’s sleep is peaceful and serene..

  2. Janice says:

    …and Homer thought his odyssey was a bitch! Since the reading of such is required by even backwoods education, we would have all benefited from him making a gratitude list rather than tying himself to a mast.
    Keep the faith.

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