Traffic jam rainbow style

Miles and miles of precariously parked cars are parked cheek to jowl with busses of every description. A reckless metal seam threaded along steep mountain edges reveal days of blatant disregard of clearly posted signage “no parking this side.” More than an hour crawls by in this collective ordeal as we creep towards our goal of exodus to “Babylon.” The van reeking of the still-damp clothing, the cart of camping gear hastily shoved in the side and my intrepid traveling companion by my side, I crank the A/C and blindly disregard the eager stares of eager hitchhikers. Garmin leads me through the mountainside labyrinth and I am happy and relieved to be on the road again despite the fact it has, once again, pointed me in the wrong direction…

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One Response to Traffic jam rainbow style

  1. James Waters says:

    Are you nuts? No just kidding, not really.
    I have been thinking of you. Beauty, brains and charm, you have it all except availability, Toastmaster and friend gone. I’m wondering if I will ever see you again.

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