Still no e mail going out

Got word yesterday that my eldest niece, Jessica has delivered her twins!! Apparently all went well and Zoe and Rosie arrived yesterday afternoon. I would love to send out congratulations but…. still no outgoing e mail.

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2 Responses to Still no e mail going out

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Carolyn and Honey Bun,
    I am enjoying reading your posts, sounds like a wonderful adventure with amazing new friends. Keeping you two girls in my traveling prayers.
    H.B., Luke and Duke send a lick and a sniff!
    Keep the Ram between the lines. Soft, cool breezes at night to lull you to sleep and amazing starry skies, these things I wish for you.
    Karen Lukas

  2. Janice says:

    I am also enjoying your posts. Vicarious travel…has a welcome place with me right now.
    It was my weekend in GA. While there, I traveled on some dusty roads, hopped out and left Mama and Elliott in the ac while I picked wild blackberries off fences bordering fields. While doing so, I realized how limited my knowledge of that small community really is….every terrain from swamp to clay hills…some really pretty areas I had never seen.
    I also attended a birthday party for a classmate, along with four other ladies from the same class of ’65. The birthday girl was thrilled that we came…nice to be appreciated.
    I hope your trip continues to open doors for you. I look forward to reading as you and hb move on.
    Miss you,

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