Taking advantage of the few days before art car events I hit the road for day trips with fellow house guest. We took in sites to the North, stopped at a winery for a sip, waterside for a picnic then on to Vancouver where we discovered (to our surprise) that the Stanley cup was taking place. Downtown Vancouver mostly a “ghost town” until we made it to the waterfront where there were giant t.v. screens broadcasting the cup to a druken and boisterous array of jersey clad ruffians. Opting for the civility of a the Fairmont lobby we enjoyed (gulp) a 10 dollar beer and watched the home team get trounced by their own goalie. We hit the road before the mayhem began and stopped outside the epicenter to enjoy a bite of Middle eastern, watch the rabble rousers (and a transvestite in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit) and leave (just as the SWAT teams were arriving to put out the car fires and billy club the ruffians.) Icing on the Canadian cake was getting stopped by the border gustapo. We were instructed to park and go inside while they searched the van, top to bottom, inside we were quizzed on our identities, livlihoods and how come I have so much stuff in the van. Upon hearing about the Bug, they went on line and checked her out, had a good chuckle and threw us back for a bigger fish.

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