Cherry street and convoy

Saturday a.m. was a perfect day for the Tulsa farmers market – where? Cherry street (of course.) I was impressed by the array of free range, organic and local meats, cheeses and artisan breads. Produce was limited (but bright and enthusiastic.) An art car convoy followed and we spent went public (at several locales) from 1- 10 pm. We had a run in with a “mall cop” but after getting to know about our mottley crew, he softened up a bit. We ended up our official eveningĀ  up at the Jenks River walk (mall) where we had a surprisingly interested audience. It was a fun, sweaty, utterly exhausting (and all of us got a little sunburnt) Natali regaled us with her soon to be hit single: “bacon and rum” I learned about how “living arts” began. It was a great day for art cars and comradarie and it didn’t end there….

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