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Did you smoke ’em?
Nope. Other people did. Aside from the bumpers (donated by a woman who couldn’t quit). They came from: intersections, bus stops, roadways, parking lots, the beach, colleges, (and other places people leave their butts behind.)

What happens when she gets wet?
She gets wet. The butts don't melt or fall off. They are on there for good. She has been repeatedly coated with a clear paint to make her water resistant (she is not water proof).

Do you drive her all the time? As the "litter bug" I drove her every day (and every where) it was like life on a parade float. It made even the simplest outings an event. Now she is my second car and I can enjoy her more.

Do you smoke?
I did for many years (against good advice) I now have the occasional relapse, (hey, I’m human) but count myself a non smoker.

Did you do the work on the car?
Surprisingly, yes. It’s amazing how busy your friends can be when you ask them to "sort & glue" stinky butts to a car and anyone other than a friend would expect to get paid, a lot.

How long did it take?
One very long year. The longest part was about 1/2 way through. It was around the time "what was I thinking" became "too late to turn back now!" Countless hours of foraging and sorting and 200 + hrs. of gluing and sealing and oila! An overnight success!

Will you show up at my kids school?
Yes, I charge a per diem fee and 25 cents per mile.

Have you ever contacted The Truth Campaign?
They have recently gotten in touch and we will be discussing a possible future together. No wedding bells yet… Keep checking to see if there’s a proposal!

How about the American Cancer Society, have you tried them?
I did contact the A.C.S. and humbly asked if they would help sponsor me in exchange for publicity… surprisingly, they cried poor.

Three's the charm?
You’ve done 2, are you planning a 3rd? Time will tell, I have one more idea brewing…

How many cigarette butts are on the car?
Favorite answer: 3. Actual answer: I don't know. Challenge: dust off that calculus book and take a stab at it.

Is she for sale?
You bet! Any reasonable offer will be thoughtfully considered. What’s reasonable? What is an original idea, one of a kind art, and a few hundred hours worth to you?

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